Residential architecture in Kingscliff, Fingal Head, Terranora and Chinderah demands a climatic sensitive design approach. We utilise conventional and sustainable materials including straw bale, mudbrick, cob and found timber. These have the benefit of efficiency, low embodied energy, high thermal mass, 'breathability' and contribute to a beautiful ambience in the space they create.

Solar Energy
We encourage the use of solar energy in the form of solar hot water and electricity where ever possible. Solar access is abundantly available in the Tweed Valley, Byron Bay and Northern Rivers area.

Straw Bale Architecture
Strawbales are an extremely green material providing high insulation properties, with breathability and low embodied energy characteristics. Following a tradition hundreds of years old, straw bale construction may be used as an infill material or load bearing structure.

Mud Brick Architecture
Earth construction is the most ecological and efficient building material with the lowest embodied energy especially if it is souced from the same site as the construction. Types of earth construction include mud brick, cob, adobe and rammed earth. They permit flexibility, environmental sensitivity and thermal efficiency to the design.

Architect for Kingscliff, Fingal Head, Terranora and Chinderah specialising in eco-spiritual design

Please contact us today on 0403 203 963 or for an initial design appraisal of your architecture project in the Kingscliff, Fingal Head, Terranora and Chinderah areas.

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