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Gold Coast Architects are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of solar chimneys in residential design.  A solar chimney is a sustainable design method of improving the natural ventilation of buildings by using convection of air heated by passive solar energy or directly from the sun. It may also be described as a vertical shaft utilizing solar energy to enhance the natural stack ventilation through a home, ofiice building or other type of structure.

In its simplest form, the solar chimney consists of a black-painted chimney. This operates by the sun’s rays  heating the chimney and the air within it during the day, creating an updraft of air in the chimney. As a result the suction created at the chimney’s base can pull cool air into the interior space.i

In the above project in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China the house controls heat and light through two primary aspects: window placement and the solar chimney. Because heat rises, the solar chimney acts to draw hot air up and away from the occupied spaces, and the hot air is further removed through the operable skylights. Lower, cooler air is then drawn into the space at the occupancy level, further helping to cool the rooms. Furthermore, the masonry walls and floors slow and decrease the transmission of solar radiation into the interior spaces.

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The above public art exhibition demonstrates the use of the solar chimney principal in a public exhibition space. This is a design inspiration which could be readily taken up by Gold Coast Architects.

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