Gold Coast Architects for Sustainable Design

Gold Coast architects are more and more demonstrating the awsome beauty and sense in using recycled materials as a major building component. It is yet another layer of sustainability in design. Using unconventional materials adds a new dimension to the creative juices to manifest the most amazing structues which could never be conceived with conventional building materials.

The Gold Coast is a haven for architects seeking low cost recycled materials for special economically constrained projects. The Stacked Pallets House above by Matthias Loebermann is a demonstration of creative ingenuity on a shoe string budget.

This treehouse is inspired by the structure of knitting, with the addition and subtraction of columns that create infinite stretchy forms. The individual bits of wood are hinged on a column of elastic allowing you to change the shape of the walls. The walls can be expanded or contracted to alter the space of the room. You can see more pictures at Matt Studio.


Berlin architects Ben and Daniel Dratz recently built the “Paper House,” a workspace created entirely from bales of recycled paper culled from local supermarkets. The brothers’ project was funded by a $200,000 grant rewarded to them by Essen’s Zollverein School of Management and Design.

What an individual aesthetic. It may even weather a co0mpelling and interesting way!

Of  course you can really summon your powers of manifestation and be at the right place at the right time. Thousands of picture frame corners were used to create the ceiling above. The Owner/Builder  said, “A frame shop was getting rid of old samples and I was there waiting.”

Gold Coast Architects can now unleash their creative tallents without fears of blowing the budget!


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