Gold Coast Architects of the Future

Futuristic Eco Designed Communities/habitats are usually portrayed as some large megastructure which has technically accomplished carbon nutrality and self sufficiency. Here are a few examples of what is being seen through the bonoculars of some Gold Coast architects.

Above -  For roughly 2000 people, urban exploration has meant moving to and becoming a critical member of an “experimental township” near the coast of India’s Tamil-Nadu state. Auroville is a city intended to be free from religious, political and hierarchical boundaries, conceived by Mirra Alfassa aka “The Mother” and designed by acclaimed French architect and visionary Roger Anger. It is a lush commune, part yoga retreat, part Kibbutz. For lack of a better description, it’s like a real-life Dharma Initiative without the polar bears.

The  greenhouse vertical concept below is an inspired structural exoskeleton of dragonfly wings. It accommodates 28 different agricultural fields and is a vertical farm building designed to increasing need for ecological and environmental self-sufficiency in the urban cityscape. This futuristic skyscraper project suggests building a prototype of an urban farm offering a mixed programme of housing, offices and laboratories using ecological engineering, and farming spaces, which are vertically laid out in several floors and partly cultivated by its own inhabitants. Designed by Vincent Callebaut.


Just to inspire gold coast architects the above mix of eco-towers is intended for residential and commercial purposes, and even medical facilities will function here.

The frame of these towers will be built using photovoltaic and recessed glass panels, and the overall shape of these looks like gigantic plants. Conical, cylindrical and dome styles are taken into consideration for the building structure, and this establishment will be a very important component of the city’s sustainable architectural image.

See Alternative Architecture for more visionary Gold Coast inspired architecture.

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