Byron Bay Architects for Sacred Geometry

Byron Bay Architects are one breed of designers who especially have an appreciation of  Sacred Geometry. But what exactly is it? Sacred Geometry is actually the blueprint from which all forms manifest into the physical world. It also governs the way living things regenerate through a principle union of complementary opposites – from pine cones to galaxies. Some of the great architectural masterpieces of the ages such as the Pyramids, Parthenon and Stonehenge were models of sacred geometry.

So what is it about Sacred Geometry that makes it so special and important to architecture? The answer is that when a building is designed to reflect the patterns and mathematics of sacred geometry it is also emulating these universal creative forces. As a result the structure and space are imbued with a natural beauty, harmony and energy that could almost be described as divine in quality.

The above Peoples Meeting Dome by Kristoffer Tejlgaard uses the principles of the geodesic dome (made famous by Buckminster Fuller in the 1960′s). It is one of the most optimal methods of constructing that we know and has all the advantages of being rationally and mathematically generated. The sacred geometry has then been deconstructed  in a way that respect its oreiginal properties yet makes the forms and spaces more responsive to the desired functions and surrounding environment of the building.

Sacred Geometry in Contemporary Architecture

 The geometry of this tower follows the Fibonacci Series of mathamatical progression to build the physical form.

The above CAD perspective model illustrates the principle of hyperbolic growth in  creating a landscape.

Clearly Sacred Geometry presents its challenges even for Byron Bay architects. To set a buildings plan to sacred geometry principles is the first step. However to translate this footprint to three dimensional form is the inspiration we should all be prepared to take for its rewards know no bounds!

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