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lights fixtures palmyra house design

Byron Bay architect houses designed in timber offer more than just natural aethetic appeal. The sustainable qualities of timber are unsurpassed as a building material particularly if they  are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) whose mission is to “promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests”.[16]

Timber is easy to handle, can be installed precisely or rusticly, is responsive to the weather (in a good way) and can often be recycled. Its relatively low carbon footprint and low life-cycle assessment (LCA) is bringing timber back into favour with architects from Byron Bay to the Gol Coast.

The above house built on a cocnut plantation near Mumbai is constructed of local coconut wood palmyra. It features a fine timber slattered curtain which assists passive cooling and cross ventilation.

This studio addition to a house in Italy demonstrates the flexibility of timber as it takes on an almost parasite form ontop of the existing residence.

Inverted: Fifth Ward Jam was created from a dilapidated old house in Houston, Texas, using timber from the building itself

Of course there as nothing quite like an exploding house as this artists residence  in Texas demonstrates. It features a horizontal vortex running throgh the centre of the house.

Architects in the Byron Bay area probably have a little way to go before embracing such authentuic expressionism in timber.

To see more timber designs see sacred architecture.

Byron Bay Architects inspired designs  :

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