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The concept of living in space has always fascinated humanity as well as a few Byron bay Architects. Our International Space Station has demonstrated both the challenges and excitement of this extra terrestial existance. The sublime views of both the earth and stars no doubt have a spiritually transformative impact on those lucky enough to venture beyound our earthly corridors.

 A common argument for sapace colonisation is ensuring the survival of human civilization and Earth’s biosphere from disasters such as asteroid impact or global nuclear war. Another is helping to provide unlimited space-based solar power and other resources to let all human beings on Earth enjoy developed-world lifestyles with far less environmental damage, and eventually providing a High Frontier where any number of people may settle and thrive.

I always cringe a little at these adventures in terms of ist sustainable aspects. How many resources are expended to get a few privilidged people into the celestial regions?

The structure above although not built for space habitation owes its design inspiration to the notion of space exploration.

 The above lunar housing concept is a split level sherical design with a stairless configuration that allows a dweller to leap onto different levels with a help of zero gravity. The 360 degree view makes up for not being able to go for a casual stroll outside and there is a below surface bunker to retreat to during extreme weather conditions. Of course the home is solar powered! Interior image is below.

Byron Bay Architects influenced by space travel can be seen at AoS.

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