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E-CORRE Complex - Environmental centre longbeach california - Shipping container recycled building

Gold Coast architects aspire to cutting edge passive solar design in their visioning of environmentally sensitive buildings. Passive solar design enables buildings to be warmed by the sun in winter and protect from the warmth of the sun in summer.

The above environemental Centre in Long Beach, California went to the extreme when working with shipping containers in their design. The E-CORRE Complex is designed by APHIDoIDEA Architects and utilizes new technologies in renewable energy. They have built into the centre a solar passive design with vegetated roof space as well as recycling materials. The arch design has been structured to tilt for solar exposure for the roof gardens which also include a rainwater harvesting network which reduce the need for heavy watering.

It offers not only everything people in the area would like to know about sustainable building development but also its own green community and amphitheatre. The diagram below shows the design process involved.

E-CORRE Complex - Environmental centre longbeach california - Shipping container recycled building

 Below is the Gathering Circle  -  an open-air pavilion located within the Spirit Garden at Prince Arthur’s Landing on Thunder Bay’s Downtown Waterfront. The Spirit Garden is a headland extending into Lake Superior and is one component of a larger revitalized public park.

The Gathering Circle is the main structure within the Spirit Garden, and gives expression to the deep cultural and historic roots that link Aboriginal peoples to the Lake Superior shoreline. Its design reflects an adaptation of a traditional Aboriginal bentwood building technique, using modest means of construction and sustainable building practice.

Young spruce trees were harvested in the spring by a local Aboriginal craftsman and were bent and lashed to create twenty arched, truss-like column supports. The trusses were then mounted along the circumference of the circular platform and layered with a pattern of curved cedar strips creating a semi-enclosed shroud.

Brook McIlroy and Ryan Gorrie

The house below by Mitchell and Stout Architects is actually a three-in-one New Zealand house design that incorporates a house, an apartment and a studio, all within its walls. While these individual accommodations share a facade and common areas, they are each a separate and self-sufficient space, with its own distinctive style. The precast concrete walls are a cool complement to the plastic roof, shaped like a sail – a nice complement to the beach and harbor views here in Aukland. Interiors are eclectic, with a blend of modern elements like the concrete walls, to the warm wood floors and exposed wood beams. And for something every modern home should have – doing its part to keep the Earth clean and green, this sustainable house is equipped with passive solar panels and a rainwater-recycling system


The prefabricated house below features a self-supporting wood frame. It’s all made off site, and assembled quickly and easily at the location of your choosing. The home’s are made using 97 per cent recycled materials. On top of that, prefabricating reduces 75 per cent of construction debris on site.

Starting underfoot, the traditional concrete slab foundation was replaced with a wooden one, increasing natural ventilation and dramatically prolonging the lifespan of the house.

The roof of the home occupies as much area as possible, increasing natural light and wind protection while reducing the overall cost of the house. Solar panels mounted to the roof / walls reduce conventional energy consumption for day-to-day tasks and cut operating costs.


Architects in the Gold Coast region can take inspiration from these overseas designs.

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