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Bioarchitecture is the holistic process and product of planning, designing and constructing space that integrates natural form, biologic function and environmental, social and aesthetic considerations – something I think is absolutely important for the Gold Coast Architects. It requires knowledge of living systems, natural harmonics and fractal geometric relationships expressing as form, pattern, rhythm, ratio and proportion.

Bioarchitecture involves the use of organic materials, green technology and appropriately skilled labour.

The above images display computer generated organic images for an urban development. It suggests a generative process akin to organic plant forms.

I remember studying Bruce Goff’s organic architecture in the 1980′s at Uni and was amazed how futuristic they looked (image above and below) for the 1940′s when much of his work was built. Mentored by Frank Lloyd Wright, Goff’s arcgitecture exposed structure and spatial complexity characterize a Bruce Goff design, further complicated by a degree of decorative detailing that set his work apart from the minimalist tendencies of his contemporaries.


The above design by student Veerasu Saetaeis described in his own words : “I am interested in exoskeleton structure in animal, where it would support and protect and animal body, with this structure it would create a continuous space with no interruption of the columns. The Dragon fly’s wing has inspired to adapt as the structure pattern, the way that the structure has the main supporting beam and transfer loads to others branches.”


This mind-bending pavilion recently created by architecture students at Montreal’s McGill University. The ContemPLAY pavilion’s neverending, layered form in a striking three-dimensional moebius form, physically expressed in laminated plywood, steel tubing and metal, and supported by a triangular truss. It suggests movement, cyclic process and organic growth. 

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