Gold Coast Architects Nuts!

These oversized acorn cones and  giant banksia pods are part of the  Pod Playground at the National Arboretum in Canberra. Why do children get all the fun spaces to play in? When did we lose our wonderment and insist on living and working in sterile boxes closed off from the natural environment and filled with electronic devices?

The timberwork in the Pod Playground wouldn't be out of place on a boat. (Jim Trail)

Being a child or even designing spaces for children gives an excuse to unleash boundless creative energies that are normally suppressed by cultural and societal conditioning. My seven year old daughter is a constant reminder of that . She pushes the boundaries with her creativity and pushes my bottons when we create joint pieces of artwork with my preconceived notion of good aesthetics. 

Banksia pod interior

I think the peace pavilion I was involved in had a bit of that play but still a little serious …………..

Allow yourself to be inspired by an extensive range of  Gold Coast Architecture.

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